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We are a group of separate companies in different fields to provide our full integrated service.

We are


We listen carefully, and understand before we make deep analysis
that leads to a clear action plan.

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We provide our full integrated service to cover all of clients needs in the best way

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Our mission is to help businesses grow and reach their maximum potential, by listening, analyzing, planning, and achieve measurable clear results that are not debatable.

We are open and honest about all our work practices; our team members are accountable and we follow a clear ethical and moral compass.

Our team is committed in mind and heart to enjoy what we do.

We take advantage of the diverse skills our team members has, by channeling our collective genius so that we achieve results and succeed together.

We go the extra mile by improving the way we do things, and by adapting to modern change to be always up-to-date.

Our Services

We offer integrated services to brands, starting from branding and marketing services to online and offline solutions, media booking, creative services and an open buffet of services that our clients can customize according to their specific needs.



O2 Mea

O2MEA is a full-service, marketing communications agency in Cairo, equipped with inspirational creatives, marketing experts, effective strategists and artful copywriters.
The secret to our success is that we don’t sell promises, we sell results only.

O2MEA started as a full-service agency in Cairo in 2003. Now we have offices in Cairo, Sudan, KSA, and the UAE; we also provide our services to other countries remotely. Also O2MEA was affiliated with the international PUBLICIS GROUP from 2011 to 2017.

Currently O2MEA is affiliated with the international CATHAY GROUP from 2017 till now.


Brand Mea

BrandMEA is our branding arm in O2 Group. It is a leading independent branding firm with four offices in Cairo, Calgary, Dubai, Muscat and Khartoum. Founded to provide the full spectrum of branding services from research to strategy and from logo design to development of complete identity systems.

At BrandMEA we believe that branding is a personification of a product or service. Branding is all about building and maintaining relationships with customers through a series of unique, insightful and connected experiences.

BrandMEA focuses on planning and guiding these experiences to ensure communicating the right sets of attributes to the right audience creating a consistent and favorable perception in their hearts and minds.



Majjaz is our execution arm that makes the life of our clients easier in the process of media planning and booking, by offering media buyers an online one stop shop to explore, search, plan and book their media campaigns, and book the space they need in whatever media outlet they need.

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Muscat Office

Al Khuwair – Alnawras commercial center, Office# 204,
second floor, Muscat, Oman

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