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O2MEA is a premier independent branding agency, with a presence in Cairo, Jeddah, Dubai, and Riyadh. We specialize in crafting compelling branding strategies that encapsulate the essence of your business and communicate it effectively to your target audience. Our mission is to personify your products or services through a series of unique, insightful, and interconnected experiences that resonate deeply with customers.


Our Services

An Integrated Suite of Brand Building Services

Internal Brand Audits

Markets Audit

Consumer Audits

Capabilities Audits

Customer Journey Planning

Exterior & Interior Design

Environmental Guidelines

Implementation Consulting

Brand DNA

Brand Voice

Brand Architecture

Naming/ Naming Strategy

Digital Strategy

Social Media Strategy 

Influencer Partnerships

UI & UX Design

Brand Visual Identity

Consumer Packaging

Sonic Branding

Scent Branding 

Brand Training

Internal Communications

Employees Engagements

Office Branding

Brand Engagement Strategy

Brand Communications Strategy

Customer Journey

Brand Loyalty Strategy

Brand Assets Management

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guardianship


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Our Proven Success Process

Our approach to branding is thorough and methodical, ensuring that every stage of the process is tailored to bring out the best in your brand.


Understanding your brand’s core is crucial. We engage in detailed customer research, conduct brand audits, and delve into your corporate history and culture. This stage helps us—and you—gain a deep understanding of where your brand stands and where it needs to go.


Here, the insights gathered are distilled into a cohesive strategy. We define your unique value proposition that sets you apart from competitors, crafting a roadmap that guides all future branding and business decisions.


This is where ideas take visual form. We design your logo, choose your brand colors and typefaces, and develop a complete brand identity. Our creative outputs are designed to communicate your brand’s unique values and promises effectively.


Ensuring your brand’s integrity over time is essential. We help organize your brand management processes, develop brand asset portals, and create dynamic brand guidelines. Our goal is to empower your organization to use your brand assets effectively and consistently.