Mantrac Group is the authorized Caterpillar dealer in Egypt, Iraq, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Liberia, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Russia, distributing and supporting the full range of Caterpillar products. Mantrac supplies the best equipment to the most demanding industries and aims to keep your equipment running at peak productivity.

O2 had a long business relationship with Mantrac Group. It was one of the hardest challenges since we started to work with Mantrac group in 2006. We were working for a group that operates in 11 different countries, having to deal with the different characteristics of 11 markets for the same brand. It was a big challenge, and we had to energize our creative brain cells to come up with a plan that considers all these differences in markets and incorporate it into one big plan for Mantrac brand. And yes, we succeeded.

O2 became responsible for most of Mantrac branding outputs, and when Mantrac was handed the agreed results from us a lot of times, they expanded our scope with them. We became not only responsible for the creative and design for Mantrac, but also responsible for production, filming, marketing, internal branding, and other branding items.

Also, O2 conducted event management for Mantrac, starting from planning, to contracting, design, production of event materials, and managing the event details, to make sure the holistic branding and marketing plan is keeping the brand identity and consistency in any channel Mantrac produce output in.

With Mantrac the challenge was not a project that will end with success and that’s it. It became a long-term ever-growing set of challenges, as they are an active international group, and all the time there are new projects and pop-ups, in 11 countries.

Our teams utilized their full capabilities, to be always on track and one step ahead of market changes and fluctuations, and our boat keeps sailing and adapting with the never-changing environment.

Mantrac Portfolio

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