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Promoting Holistic Family HealthCare O2MEA recently created a TV commercial for Dawi Clinics promoting the idea of holistic family health care. Based on the insight that women are often the primary caregivers in families, the commercial showcased a typical family where the wife is shown taking care of everyone’s health needs while the husband is […]

Mantrac Global operations film O2MEA’s project for Mantrac Global involved creating a film that showcased the company’s global footprint and capabilities across 13 countries. The project presented several challenges, including coordinating videographers, developing a script, directing and editing footage, and adding infographics to tell Mantrac’s story. O2MEA had to coordinate local videographers who could capture […]

A SUSTAINABLE INTITATIVE FROM NESTLE O2MEA team collaborated with Nestle Egypt to produce a launch video for their latest green initiative called “Dorna”. The initiative seeks to promote waste management and recycling by empowering individuals and private sector entities involved in these areas. The project posed an extra challenge due to the difficulty of shooting […]

PROJECT OVERVIEW Our team had the pleasure of working on a photoshoot for Bab El Sham spices, where we captured stunning shots of various Egyptian dishes for this leading brand. Working closely with the creative team and food stylist, we used various lighting and composition techniques to ensure that the dishes were visually appealing and […]

ABOUT THE PROJECT Terrific, here’s an improved version of your text: In 2016, O2MEA had the delightful opportunity to collaborate with Cottonil Egypt, creating captivating brand photos for Cottonil fashion wear in Cape Town, South Africa. Our dedicated team at O2MEA managed concept development, shooting boards, crew and model selection, as well as location scouting. […]

A Visual Feast for Food Lovers The Challenge: Create a series of five 10 second TV ads and one collective 30 seconds TV ad that captures the perfect moments of cooking, showcasing the quality and passion behind every Cairo Pasta dish. Service Creative TV Commercial Industry FMCG Published​ April 26th 2023 THE O2MEA APPROACH 1- […]

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ABOUT THE PROJECT In 2019, our team executed a highly effective TVC campaign for Dawi Clinics, showcasing their groundbreaking healthcare approach in Egypt. Renowned for offering a deeply personalized and interconnected healthcare experience, Dawi Clinics utilizes cutting-edge technology to maintain digital patient records. As a brand dedicated to providing tailored care, Dawi Clinics possess a […]