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Promoting Holistic Family HealthCare O2MEA recently created a TV commercial for Dawi Clinics promoting the idea of holistic family health care. Based on the insight that women are often the primary caregivers in families, the commercial showcased a typical family where the wife is shown taking care of everyone’s health needs while the husband is […]

ABOUT THE PROJECT The task for our client, Dawi Clinics, involved executing on-site activations at more than 15 locations nationwide. The objective was to create a booth that could be conveniently set up in various places while strategically planning the activation to increase awareness of the Dawi Clinics brand among families. The booth served as […]

ABOUT THE PROJECT In 2019, our team executed a highly effective TVC campaign for Dawi Clinics, showcasing their groundbreaking healthcare approach in Egypt. Renowned for offering a deeply personalized and interconnected healthcare experience, Dawi Clinics utilizes cutting-edge technology to maintain digital patient records. As a brand dedicated to providing tailored care, Dawi Clinics possess a […]