Our working with Dawi clinics is one of the most recent branding success stories for O2 Group. We designed a full branding solution for Dawi, starting from market research, to designing and implementing full brand strategy.

Dawi is a chain of family care clinics founded to provide Egyptian families with exceptional medical service and unique health programs by applying international healthcare standards. So, Dawi was filling market gaps in the Egyptian medical market, as they have high-quality professional doctors in different medical fields, all in one place. Also, they had the advantage of consistency in service quality in all their branches.

Our O2 marketing and branding team collaborated to clearly present Dawi brand, highlighting the market gaps they fill and their strength points, which were truly needed in the medical market. Then we integrated the digital marketing strategy to complement the full strategy in all channels. Our design team helped in creating a clear brand manual to make it smooth to create output visuals and marketing materials online and offline.

We gained the fruit of our work, as Dawi became a well known booming medical brand in a short period of time. Dawi’s branches spread all over Cairo, and this is just the beginning, as they developed a long-term plan to expand in Egypt. Now the target customer can find Dawi on billboards, social media, TV ads, printed material. The traffic on clinics is in continuous positive growth. The target customer segment now knows Dawi in its right positioning. We delivered the results, and we keep delivering.

Throughout the continuous journey, we don’t see Dawi as a client we do a job for and that’s it, on the contrary, we engaged Dawi team with us from day one as partners. We made sure there is a continuous feedback loop between O2, Dawi, and the market itself, and they were very collaborative. O2 team made sure to be alert and monitoring the results and making sure to utilize our teams’ efforts to deliver the agreed result and exceed it along the way.

Dawi Portfolio

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