Cottonil is a leading national brand in Egypt that offers high-quality home-wear and under-wear. Our challenge with Cottonil was divided into two directions.

The first direction was to present the brand in an elegant modern look that attracts more customers from different age sectors that were not covered yet, in summary, reach the full potential customers.

The second direction was to go international, and present Cottonil as the brand that goes with global quality standards using the finest Egyptian Cotton, which was already an advantage we focused more on.

O2 created a branding strategy to fit business goals. Then Our O2 team made a great photo-shoot in South Africa for Cottonil, to reflect on the global look and feel we wanted to highlight in Cottonil. Our professional photographers made sure to make shoots of the products that fit to present them in international markets. Then we reflected this visual art direction on all Cottonil printed and digital outputs.

The next phase was Cottonil Mercerise, which was a sub-brand line of Cottonil. O2 is proud to have created the brand from scratch, putting it in the accurate positioning as premium quality product targeting a completely new customer segment, notionally and internationally.

O2 branding team created a brand strategy for Cottonil Mercerise, regarding positioning and using new approaches to reach the target segment, and taking full advantage of the brand potential as a unique provider of high-quality underwear and home-wear to expand to new customer segments. Also, we launched a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to be aligned with offline marketing, in order to enhance the brand personality from the consumer’s perspective.

After this, we designed the brand architecture for Cottonil Mercerise, and the relationship of the mother brand of Cottonil with the sub-brand Cottonil Mercerise, as Mercerise is addressing a more luxurious customer segment. We created the brand strategy and created a logo for the brand. Then we designed the packages of products for Cottonil Mercerise aligned the visuals with the brand’s visual identity.

Cottonil Portfolio

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