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Mantrac Corporate Film


Mantrac Global
operations film

O2MEA's project for Mantrac Global involved creating a film that showcased the company's global footprint and capabilities across 13 countries.
The project presented several challenges, including coordinating videographers, developing a script, directing and editing footage, and adding infographics to tell Mantrac's story.
O2MEA had to coordinate local videographers who could capture footage that accurately represented Mantrac's operations in each location. Developing a cohesive script was another challenge, as the team had to conduct extensive research on each country where Mantrac operates to identify key themes and messages.
Once the footage was collected, O2MEA directed and edited it to create a compelling narrative that effectively communicated Mantrac's story. Infographics were also added to illustrate the company's global footprint and capabilities.
Despite these challenges, O2MEA successfully created a comprehensive film that effectively showcased Mantrac's story and global capabilities. The final product was a testament to the team's hard work, dedication, and expertise.

  • Service

    Corporate Film

  • Industry

    Heavy Machinery

  • Published​

    May 26th 2018